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With respect to the nature and with plenty of taste we have created for you two autonomous buildings into a unique natural landscape, imperishable into the time, with enchanting beauty in Southest part of the prefecture of Rethymno.

P5300227 tThe residences have panoramic view to the calm famous beach of Triopetra, located in the southern part of Crete roughly 100 meters away of the Villas. The Eastern side charms with the view to the greenfull hill of Prophet Ilia and the Northern side with the view to the mountain Siderota including the glen of Saint Onoyfri. Deep into the scenery the mountain Kentros constitutes an unprecedented view that does not leave unmoved any lover of genuine natural beauties.

The pure natural beauty of this charismatic place constitutes a ideal resort for vacation, short or longer escapes, that can give you unique moments of rest and enjoyment swimming or fishing in the crystal clear waters of South Cretan Sea, or simply walking/trekking in this splendid landscape, and eating in nice seashore taverns.

P5300220 tGreco Levantes Triopetra Villas belong to the "Akoumia" local district of the Municipality of Labi in the South of Rethymno. The distance from the city of Rethimno is roughly 45 kilometres. The town of Spili (Municipality of Labi) is found very near, roughly 15 kilometres away, where one can find supermarket, taverns, bakery, drugstore, hospital and much more.

The region is offered for endless walks in the beautifull nature of the Southern Crete. One can visit the monastery of Saint Antonios or the well-known monastery of Preveli. The way to those locations is pleasant within greenfull glens and mountains. You can also take marvellous day trips to the Saint Peacefulness, Ligres, Saint Pavlos, Drymiskiano Ammoydi or up to Plakias if you wish for a more intense amusement.

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The kitchen is fully equipped with all modern amenities.

facilities at grecolevantes

Air Condition

A/C, Fireplace, and Central Heating (radiators).

facilities at grecolevantes


TV set available in all rooms as well as dvd player.

facilities at grecolevantes


Oven, toaster, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron

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