"Greco Levantes" Triopetra Villas is constituted by two autonomous residences that each one includes its own swimming-pool. The swimming-pools are placed in a way that the view to the captivating beach of Triopetra is also astonishing. They are found in a separate level in order to maintain one degree of independence from each other.

Each residence is two-storied. In the ground floor there is a reception area and the kitchen with a bathroom. In the upper floor there are bedrooms with separate bathroom for each one. The view in any part of the Villas is astonishing and will not regret it wherever you look.

The equipment is more than full in each residence. They include:

  • central heating with radiator
  • fireplace
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • dish-washer
  • washing-machine
  • electric cooker
  • microwave-oven

and any electric gadget that a house needs in order to make your life comfortable and enjoyable.

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